“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”

Seth Godin

We have to admit it, we’re different. We do not detect the conversation leaders by audience volume, but rather by their influence, which is what’s truly important. This requires us to center on the values they share with your brand and not on the numbers.
We want you to connect, to be important for your key influencers and for them to help spread your messages because they believe in what you do and what you say.

“I want to establish connections with the important communities and leaders for my audiences, in order to extend and improve the online relationship with my customers”

We love performing magic and applying technology to everything.

Thanks to data science, we can support you in digitally constructing your brand’s image, establishing connections with the existing conversation and generating links between communities and leaders so that you can extend, strengthen and measure the interactions with your audiences online.