“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Peter Drucker

Your brand is our brand, so we create and develop solutions adapted specifically for you.

Your credibility and above all your peace of mind are important to us. This is the reason why our team of experts provides the intelligence necessary to guard your reputation.
From listening and configuring alerts, to more rigorous analysis, covering all theareas of communications and corporate reputation.

Let’s take a look!

living communities


“I need to know about the communities that my customers and stakeholders are part of and which are the most important influencers to my brand to be able to act appropriately”

Nothing escapes us. Based on shared content, we identify the level of trust among users and the strength of relationships among the members of your community. We observe and analyze their behavior, interests, relationship and the patterns of how their messages spread. This allows us to know the most attractive trends and contents for your target and their viral potential.

Why do we do all this?

Because we want you to effectively connect with your brand’s target audience.

alert & monitoring system


“I need to know when, where and who speaks about my brand to act and react as a result”

We’re going to tell you a secret. More than three million sources pass across our screens daily. Among all these, we can detect what people are saying about your brand in real time.

We have a personalized listening system which you can control: contents, media, target… Receive only what interests you in the format that best suits your needs every day: web magazine, dossiers, online publications, alerts, dashboards… You decide!

You’ll have all the news that affects you available on your computer, tablet or smartphone. And thanks to our international network and correspondents, we can manage any international project for your brand.

What’s the trick?

Our Know How and our Big Data Management technology. There are our best tools and they are at your disposal so that you can access the information that concerns you, in the format that you choose, at any moment and in any place.

Need to know about our media coverage?

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Media & Buzz report


“I need to know how the media and consumers treat the brand in order to understand my brand awareness”

Each day in our data laboratory, we analyze your media and social impact, the efficiency of your Marketing and Communications actions, awareness, feeling, and attributes associated to your brand….

Moreover, we also work so let you know your competitive position with regards to publicity investment and how you stack up with your competition. That way you can assess your performance in the global context of the sector. We offer all the results in a personalized insights report, allowing you to know how the media and consumers perceive you and where you need to increase your presence.

Your perfect, tailor-made product!

Corporate Reputation


“I need detailed knowledge of the reputation my company projects and its directives at the media and social level”

Everything is monitored. We give you the information you need in order to know how you are impacting your stakeholders and what attributes of your brand they truly value.

We want you to hit your target and always have the best strategy to make your brand shine, so we analyze how all your actions contribute to your company’s reputational positioning.

We get to the point!

VERDE_icon copia 10


“I want to react quickly to any crisis that my brand may face

Your peace of mind is important for us, so we have created a personalized alerts and protocol system in order to allow you to react promptly to any crisis.

Wait, there’s even more. We also identify the risk levels facing your brand and we determine patterns. Past, present and future.

Who said anything about a crisis?