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About us?
  • More than 20 years innovating
  • In Acceso we have been working in the corporate communication sector for decades. We offer vanguard global solutions to all our clients in:
  • Integrated rendering of monitoring services.
  • Analysis of informative contents in media.
  • Tools for the management and distribution of web contents.
  • We have achieved becoming a reference company in the Spanish market thanks to the effort of our team and our technologically innovation system, demonstrated in the awarding of the AUI award (Internet Users Association) for the company that has best integrated the Internet in its corporate development and the "Excellence Award" for its Customer Service by Dirigentes magazine.
International prestige
  • Our vocation to offer vanguard global solutions and anticipate the changes in the communication sector has made us the only Spanish company that measures its standards against international peers. We are a member of the board of The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and we will occupy the presidency of the Federation International des Bureaux d'Extraits de Presse (FIBEP) for the next four years.
  • As a result of our international reputation we have agreements with major media monitoring and analysis companies in more than 50 countries.
We are your partner in the integrated management of your communication
  • Plan, distribute, manage and analyze your communication actions, either with journalists, consumers, staff or other interest groups.
  • Obtain relevant information that generates acknowledgment to improve decision making.
  • Increase productivity, decrease expenses and significantly diminish response times in your communication actions.
  • Analyze the impact of the communication actions you control, as well as the impact of those spontaneous and uncontrollable actions that are generated in the conversations that take place in social networks and online media.
  • We lead the change towards the new communication scenario
  • The new paradigm of communication:
  • In Acceso we have accepted the challenge of investigating and innovating to lead the change
    towards the new media scene.
  • Almost ten years ago we were the first ones to make internet
    monitoring available. Since then, we have adapted to
    market demands, to a new paradigm in which current affairs and reactions
    are taking place now. Nowadays we also control and
    analyze the new social networks. We are your competent partner. We offer you
    a global analysis and vision of the situation of the companies in the new media