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We provide you with context and knowledge information
regarding reputation, communication actions, Public Relations and
sponsorships that help you make better decisions.

Know everything that is said about you
in online media
and if it is advisable to respond

  • What is Online Reputation?
    • Know and measure the image that the digital media show about your company or brand.
    • Know the opinion that potential clients and consumers post on the Internet about your products and services.
    • Detect themes that can potentially affect your brand in the future.
    • Find the connections between off and online messages.
    • Establish listening systems and have an observatory at your disposal to analyze the evolution and trend of your reputation online across time
  • What does Online Reputation offer?
    • With Online Reputation you will be able to understand:
      • What is being said on the Internet about your brand or company
      • Who says it
      • What relevance does it have
      • Why do they say it
      • Which are the most influential messages
      • Whether they reflect your attributes
      • Whether it is advisable to participate or not in the conversation
  • What do we analyze?
    • The web 2.0: online media, blogs, microblogs, wikis, webs, social networks, forums...
    • Measurement and tracking of opinions
    • Monitoring of influential people
    • Participation in the conversation
    • Brand positioning
    • Detection and analysis of reputational risks
  • Who is it recommended for?
    • New technology companies and those related with the Internet
    • Companies that generate information and activity online
    • Companies or entities in which an online opinion can affect its activity
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    Strategic Reports

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