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  • FAQs
  • In Acceso we answer your questions:
How can I contact Acceso? By e-mail, in writing to:
By telephone, customer support from 08.00 to 19.00.
Madrid: 91 787.00.00 and Barcelona: 93 492.00.00.
Does Acceso make regional media monitoring? We understand communication in a global way. We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Castile and Leon, The Balearic Islands, The Basque Country, Galicia, Andalucia, Valencia and in the Canary Islands, which provides us with a through regional informative monitoring system. Moreover, we have a monitoring scope which spans the world thorough agreements with the most important international companies.
I have my news supplies, can I integrate it in your tools? Our platform for clients, called Acceso 360º, allows users to integrate news from different media and countries as long as there is compatibility of formats. We work with international standards.
Apart from carrying out Media monitoring, what other services and products do you offer? Acceso provides clients with products and services of cutting edge technology. We try to optimize the management of the strategic communication. Apart from our integrated services of Media monitoring, we carry out studies and analysis - quantitative and qualitative - of informative contents and we develop and introduce tools for the management and distribution of contents.
What type of studies does Acceso carry out? Acceso carries out studies about anything that can be classified and measured by media: any action, person, event, political party, judgment, amongst many other. We carry out quantitative and /or qualitative studies. Consult your specific case with us.
In what formats are the studies delivered in? The standard delivery format is PDF, nevertheless, Acceso can meet the specific needs of each client.
What is the use of the study?
  • To know the profitability of a sponsorship action.
  • Knowing the Media coverage of an event allows you to distinguish whether it is notable or not and therefore whether it can be profitable or not to take part in it.
  • Our studies verify that the company's media image coincides with the image the media are reflecting.
  • They relate the investment with the effect obtained and determine the effectiveness of the campaign. Our studies also convert an expense into a profit.
  • They obtain objective data that allows you to justify the budget of the communication department in the event of a quality control.
  • Acceso puts an objective tool at the disposal of the responsible parties of the campaigns or organizations that allows you to make strategic decisions. It bases its knowledge in the measurement official sources: Media General Study (Estudio General de Medios - EGM), Sofres and Circulation Audit Office (Oficina de la Justificación de la Difusión - OJD).
What media does Acceso control to conduct monitoring? Acceso controls Press, Radio, TV and Online Media. Acceso belongs to the communication group HAVAS and as such, in Spain it is considered as the premier company in news monitoring in media.
Does is carry out Media monitoring in other countries? In the Iberian Peninsula, Acceso carries out monitoring in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. It has moreover established associations with the most important international monitoring companies, which allows it to provide coverage to clients in any country in the world.
Can I add news to my monitoring? Acceso's platforms allow the client to add all the news in which he/she is interested in, as well as to move, copy and erase these news pieces; as long as the necessary requirements are fulfilled in order to upload them (size, format...)