"Acceso rapidly understood FCC's communication needs"José Manuel VelascoFCC General Manager of Communication and CSR
President of Dircom (Spanish Communication Directors Association)
  • Mainly, because we know what you need.
  • first

    Due to our solutions

  • Solutions in media monitoring, media analysis y technology tools. Increase the effectiveness of your PR and Marketing strategies. Assess and measure their impact..
    • Innovating during almost 10 years, focused on the Internet and the analysis of social networks
    • You will only get the relevant information, thanks to a high quality and rigorous selection
    • With contextual information so that you get to know the trends, risks and opportunities of your sector
    • Technological solutions to help you distribute a clear message to journalists, clients, staff, etc.
  • second

    Due to the coverage we offer you

  • More than 1,000,000 information sources to analyze, from traditional media to
    social media.
  • Agreements in more than 50 countries to ensure the monitoring of the main-stream
    international media in press, radio, television...
  • Proximity and service, with delegations and offices of in eight autonomous communities (Madrid,
    Barcelona, Galicia, Andalucia, the Balearic Islands, Castile and Leon, Valencia and the Basque Country)
  • Websites | TV | Social networks | Microblogs | Radio | Chats | Revistas | Prensa | Blogs|
    TDT | Foros | Videos On line | Confidenciales...
  • third

    Due to our success experiences

  • We work for more than 800 clients daily. All types of companies, including several SMES and 26 large companies of the IBEX35.