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Manage all your Communication needs, from just one place
  • What is Media Planner?
    • Time savings in your news and press releases: through our organization and management of contacts tool, you will be able to create mailing lists and have the information you are interested in at your disposal, in just one click.
    • Simplicity in the maintenance of your content: it is a simple platform, easy to use. It allows you to control and update your actions at every moment.
    • Strategic decision making: all the information you need regarding the impact of your actions is available, allowing to make strategic decisions and plan new actions.
  • What does MediaPlanner offer?
    • All the information of your contacts through individual files: per professional, with their data and related history to your department.
    • Create your interest groups: organize them according to the criteria you establish depending on your needs: geographic, topics, professional...
    • Delivery segmentation: send to each contact just the information he or she is interested in. Create a personal profile for each professional.
    • Improve the internal communication of your department: with our internal agenda you will be able to manage the communication of your department and plan events from any place.
    • Control communication channels and information flow: our tool allows you to quickly and effectively manage and update your content.
    • Get to know the level of effectiveness your communication actions have: we put the response statistics to your communication actions at your disposal, allowing you simplify future decisions.
  • How does it work?
    • Check MediaPlanner’s quality and see how easy it is to use it yourself.
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