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Relevant and customized media monitoring
Coverage, customization, quality and punctuality.
Everything you need.
  • What does it offer me?
    • AccesoMonitoring Press monitoring contains the following information
      • Title
      • Date
      • Media
      • Print run
      • Circulation
      • Page nº
      • Section
      • Number of pages in the news
      • Percentage of the article size
      • Economic valuation
    • You can search per sector of the news (energy, economy, fashion) and per autonomous
      of the media.
    • Select automatic or manual revision (by our experts) of the
    • Information is classified according to the guidelines you give us.
  • How do you deliver it?
    • We adapt to your needs with different channels and formats:
    • Via the Internet, through our platform Acceso 360º
    • Sending alerts by e-mail
    • Sending newsletters
    • Via FTP
  • What is the delivery time?
    • As of 07:30h
    • Additional deliveries of regional and international press during the day, until 10:00h.
  • What is the delivery schedule?
    • According to your needs:
    • Continuous updates, for subscriptions
    • Periodic deliveries
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